Python dictionaries and lists


Dictionaries and lists are one of the most important and very powerful data structure to master in python. Today, i want to share a trick to help anyone doing python to be able to play around with them.

If you have two lists, you can make a dictionary from the lists, one being the keys, the other being the value. Let me demonstrate this:

names = [‘Lorna’, ‘Eunice’, ‘Gillian’, ‘Lynn’] #initialize list called names                        address = [‘Kikoni’, ‘MaryStuart’, ‘Aka’, ‘Muhika’] #initialize a list for addresses
names_to_address = dict(list(zip(names, address)))
print names_to_address

{‘Lorna’: ‘Kikoni’, ‘Eunice’: ‘MaryStuart’, ‘Gillian’: ‘Aka’, ‘Lynn’: ‘Muhika’}

Awesome right!!

Good luck as you practice!


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