FEAR, The real enemy

Recently, I decided to tick off one of the items on my bucket list — swimming. Honestly, I have always been terrified of water –both moving and still, but swimming seemed fun and it would be a nice way to relax myself after a long day. So I decided to go for it.

I was lucky to get my sister and her friend interested enough to join me. They already knew how to swim, so I was the only green one here but they gave me good company. I know you are wondering how fear comes in but I learned a lot about it as I learned to swim…

Every time fear gripped me as I tried to glide on the water, my muscles became tense and I felt one side of my body tilt leaving me unbalanced and I had to stop because I couldn’t move forward in that position. But whenever I was loosened up and relaxed on the water, I simply glided on the water. It was such a beautiful feeling being able to float on the water without anyone’s help. Fear had robbed me of this beautiful thing.

I learned something important that evening, you can never ever move forward and accelerate towards your destination when fear grips you. Fear robs you of the opportunity to learn anything, do anything and achieve anything. But the only way to overcome your fear is to face it. The moment, I decided to let loose, I managed to float on the water. I failed many times but there was excitement in my heart that made me want to keep trying until I did it right. I had always wondered how they swim like that, now I could! I was excited and I wasn’t letting fear have the final say in this. I was determined to swim until I learnt how to.

We fear many things; the dark, death, opinions of others, uncertainty, rejection, growing up, marriage,relationships, maths… You name it. But anything you fear is one more barrier to achieving what you want in life. But the moment you face your fear and gain success in it, you get strength to face another and this is how confidence is built. Confident people are not those without fear, they are those who have faced their fear and have come to learn that it is not real. That it is just a barrier preventing you to realize what you can actually achieve; leaving you a slave to your own thoughts, standing in front of great opportunities not being able to move forward.

If there is anything you have always to do but you are scared of something, it is time you faced it because not trying is the worst failure in life. At the end of life people regret the things they never did more than the things they did. If you don’t want to have regrets at the end of this short life, It’s time to put your fear aside and start living!

I recommend doing that thing you have always been afraid of. Go for it and see how it goes. Please let me know how it goes..


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